About Magenta Venture Partners

Magenta Venture Partners is a venture capital firm focused exclusively on Israeli and Israeli-related early stage technology startups across multiple categories including Automotive, Mobility, Enterprise Software, IoT, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and Digitalization.

  • Magenta Team

We seek to partner with the best Israeli entrepreneurs and work with them towards building significant global companies. We do this by leveraging our unique network to open the right doors, sharing from our own and our community’s operational experience as well as helping secure further financing.

Magenta Venture Partners is backed by prominent Japanese institutional investors, including Mitsui & Co. Ltd., all with strong global reach in multiple domains across a wide range of industries.

The fund is led by seasoned professionals with significant global experience in high-tech, startup investment, and corporate business development.

Our Companies

  • Sensos

    Sensos digitizes supply chains providing real time end-to-end global visibility, driving faster shipments, smaller inventories and more efficient production planning.

  • Onebeat

    Onebeat created an AI-driven retail technology that uses short-term predictions to translate customer behavior into real-time day-to-day actions that maximize sell-through and overall sales.

  • Solvo

    Solvo empowers software developers and DevOps engineers to deliver more secure and compliant cloud infrastructure.

  • Flexspace

    Flexspace provides real-time on-demand access to flexible workspaces, inspiring teams and individuals to thrive and do their best work.

  • Veego

    Veego empowers CSPs, content providers, and devices and services vendors, helping those improve the connected home experience with ongoing visibility of all home devices and the services running on them.

  • Findings

    Findings provides a scalable platform of assessment powered by artificial intelligence that streamlines and facilitates efficient and comprehensive security compliance across sectors and regulatory frameworks.

  • Livecycle

    Livecycle is a no-maintenance SaaS solution that empowers dev teams to finally enjoy disruption-free product development by automatically creating collaborative, live environments.

  • Hip

    HQ, the largest mobility company for corporate travel in the United States offers next generation corporate mobility solutions and commuter shuttle options for corporations

  • BeProfit

    BeProfit provides eCommerce sellers with the tools and insights needed to get a clear picture of their business finances, helping them scale up for growth and compete for eCommerce success.

  • Workiz

    Workiz is the only field service management software and communication platform for small-medium on-demand businesses in North America, built by and for field service professionals.

  • BrightWay Vision

    BrightWay Vision is a leading fabless semiconductor company that provides the automotive industry with an enhanced vision systems, which enables a wide variety of autonomous vehicles to operate safely 24/7.

  • Valens Semiconductor

    Valens Semiconductor is the inventor and world leader in HDBaseT technology and a top provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of ultra-high-definition multimedia content.

  • Autotalks

    Autotalks is a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) chipset market pioneer and leader, providing customers with state-of-the-art V2X solutions for manned and autonomous vehicles.

  • In the news

    • BNTW

      by Business News This WeekFeb 9, 2024

      Sensos Raises $20 Million to Revolutionize Supply Chain Digitization

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR NewswireJun 6, 2023

      Onebeat Secures $10M to Expand Its Global Leadership Position in AI-Enabled Retail-Tech

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    • CTech

      by CTechMay 8, 2023

      Qualcomm acquiring auto-chip maker Autotalks in $350-400 million deal

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire May 21, 2022

      Flexspace Launches On-Demand Workspace Platform, Announces $6M Seed Round

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire Nov 17, 2021

      Workiz Raises $40 Million Series C to Make Management of Home Service Teams Easy

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire Oct 6, 2021

      Hip And SummitQwest Announce Merger, Forming HQ - Largest Mobility Company For Corporate Travel

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire Aug 24, 2021

      Veego Raises $13 Million Series A Funding to Provide CSPs with Actionable Insights

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire May 25, 2021

      Valens Semiconductor, Leader in High-Speed Connectivity, to Become Public Company and List on NYSE

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    • TechCrunch

      by TechCrunch Feb 24, 2021

      Workiz locks in $13M for productivity tools aimed at home services professionals

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire Feb 2, 2021

      Hip Secures $12 Million in Funding led by NFX and Magenta Venture Partners

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    • TechCrunch

      by TechCrunch Oct 29, 2019

      Become scores $12.5M Series A for its business lending marketplace

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire Jun 27, 2019

      Automotive Headlight Manufacturer Koito, and Magenta Venture Partners Invest $25M in BrightWay Vision

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    • CTech

      by CTech Jan 14, 2019

      Magenta Venture Partners Announces Early Stage Fund Targeting $100 Million

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    • PR Newswire

      by PR Newswire Jan 14, 2019

      Israel's Magenta Venture Partners Announces First Closing of a New $100M Fund Focused on Early...

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